About US

I am Brian, the webmaster of howadvices.com. This website was created in July 2021. For the past four years, I have been working on content creation for another website https://tencomputer.com. Now I have time to create a new website: https://howadvices.com. As a webmaster, creating a new website is an exciting thing and a matter of courage. Everything is difficult at the beginning, and it is even harder to stick to it.

Why create howadvices.com?

For a long time in the past, whenever I encountered problems with computers and playing games, I always resolved them independently. Some can be solved quickly, some take time, and some can’t be solved.

In these processes, I have been to many websites and forums, such as Microsoft forum, Reddit, howtogeek.com, windowsctral.com, Quora, etc. I found that these sites are more or less able to solve my problem.

So I also want to create a similar website to share what I have learned. And when I encounter the same problem next time, I can quickly find a solution on my website. This is a very fulfilling thing.

Another reason is that as a SEOer, I want to run a website on my own, from scratch, from small to large. As a webmaster, it allows me to freely control my time and choose what I want to create. And it is also a job.

About Howadvices.com

Howadvices.com can help users solve problems they encounter when using their computers in their normal lives. Here you can find the information you want.

If you are a Windows user, you can go to the Windows category to see everything.

If you are a gamer, when you have problems with your steam, you can go to the game category to see all the content. Of course, if you are interested in other content, you can also take a look. I hope our content can help you.

How to operate howadvices.com sustainably?

This is something that must be considered when operating a website. Furthermore, if you want to do it as a job, you need to think about how to operate a website sustainably.

So at howadvices.com, you may see some pages recommending related products that can solve the problem. Once users have used our recommended products to solve their problems, we will get some funds to continue to operate our website.

How to contact Howadvices.com?

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can send your request on the Contact Us page. If you need to seek cooperation with tencomputer.com to promote your products, games or articles, you can also contact us with this email: [email protected].